Friday, January 03, 2014

The start of 2014

Because this horse-y year is going to be so exciting, I resolve to try to write something everyday.

1st of Jan - Brought baby M to Pavilion. She was so excited seeing the Christmas tree and was totally captivated by the huge carousel. Cried when we left. She now screams when she hears another kid screaming, and yells when she hears a kid yell.

2nd Jan - Started work again. Got a "fun watch" from the boss who just got back from Turkey.

3rd Jan - Checkup at TMC. All's good. Fibroid the size of a fishball :P

Need to find if there's a mobile app for this blogger thingy.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Last post for 2012

My greatest achievement in 2012, and probably my entire life. This year, I survived needle jabs, a C-section and myomectomy and a 6-week recovery, endless sleepless nights - all amidst moving to a new house, a job promotion, growing responsibilities and a holidayless year.

I have never felt more accomplished, and it is true what they say - she brings an entirely new meaning to my life. She may have turned my life upside down and changed it to something unrecognizable, but she is the sole reason why I do what I'm doing everyday and look forward to waking up everyday just to see her crack that toothless gummy smile at me. She's approaching 5 months, and cliche as it sounds, it really seems like it was just yesterday when the lines appeared on the stick.

2012 has zoomed past in a Ferrari. But, it's been one of the most rewarding years of my life - one of the best. And I thank the heavens above everyday for surrounding me with fantastic people who made the year a smooth-sailing one for me : you know who you are.

I am so looking forward to 2013 - life, as I used to know it, is just getting better.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Counting down ... (2)

Since I've been home the whole week (on MC, but I basically worked from home), I suddenly have some time on my hand and realized I need to blog down some of these before I become a Dory mum. Admittedly, my thoughts will be scattered everywhere and I will blog what I suddenly remember.

1st trimester
I suffered from frequent headaches. Thankfully, Dr said it was perfectly okay to pop Panadols, as long as I didn't exceed the dosage of 2 tablets per 6 hours. He said it wouldn't go to the placenta. And he said that if Panadols worked for me, that was good and nothing to worry about, as Panadols were extremely safe for pregnancy. Ok, I was reassured.

Dr also mentioned that the growing fibroid was the reason why I was having headaches, as the fibroid was restricting blood flow back to my brain. Sounds logical enough. So I continued popping Panadols throughout - I basically needed to pop only 2 Panadols, and I'd be okay, and I took it almost every day for a couple of weeks at the end of my 1st trimester.

2nd trimester
Less Panadols required. The headaches had gone down to very occasional ones - maybe once every 1-2 weeks. I was happy. I resorted to hairwashes at the saloon to massage away my headaches.

Baby's kicks have become stronger - and baby likes to move most when I am seated, especially at meetings. I have to try my best to maintain my composure when baby gives me a hard kick during a meeting.

At the end of this trimester, my tummy began to show a very faint line of stretchmarks. I resigned myself to the fact that I won't be one of the lucky ones to escape them.

3rd trimester
No Panadols at all. Yippee yay. Spidey stretchmarks spreading around the tummy, the linea nigra is becoming more faintly obvious (although thankfully, still quite light), and the belly button is slowly protruding out. Baby wriggles alot these days, and I love it. Sometimes it gets a bit awkward and I have to "sayang" my tummy back into a comfortable shape, but most of the time I'm always happy when I feel baby moving in me.

Today's my next weekly appointment with Dr Menon - hope it's good. We're discussing the delivery procedures today, and I'll put up my birth plan to him.

And, on a happy note, KF got me a Samsung Galaxy SIII for my birthday! I'd been clamoring a little for an iPhone 4S since earlier this year and I was disappointed when I found out that my annual bonus would only come in 2 installments in August and October. I really wanted the iPhone for its camera function so I could snap photos of baby all the time. The SIII was just launched in KL a couple of weeks ago, so I was so happy to get one - thank you dear! :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Counting down ...

Been a long while - been busy growing a little human being in me :) So now, we're counting down the days till the little one joins us.

1st trimester
One early morning in early December 2011, I woke up really early to see KF off to airport for a trip to KK. Then, on a whim, decided to trawl thru my drawers to find a Clearblue test kit. (Morning pee is supposed to be the most accurate - I have no idea why that thought went thru my head that morning - must be gut instinct). Peed and waited, not expecting anything at all - been a long time since I peed on a stick. The red lines appeared, so I looked at the instructions to find out what it meant. Rubbed my eyes, and read again. OMG! Quickly snapped a photo and whatsapped it to KF (who told me later that he was just about to board the plane). I didn't get a reply from him at all - figured he must be shell shocked.

I then drove out for dim sum with my family. Didn't feel like eating much. After dim sum, drove to a GP to confirm it. So I peed again, and he congratulated me. Then he recommended that I go see a gynae about a week later, as the scan would be able to show something by then. I was so excited! Couldn't wait for KF to get off his 2.5-hr flight.

Anyway, the weekend flew by. A week later, we went to see Dr Dev Menon at Tropicana Medical Centre who showed us the pregnancy sac and confirmed it. He also found a fibroid, so he put me on Duphaston pills (some hormone pills aka anti-miscarriage pills). Gave us an EDD of early August.

When we went back to Ipoh during Christmas, we told KF's family. They were so happy, and I was treated like a queen :P 

I thought the 1st trimester would fly by safely. All I suffered was lack of appetite during dinner time, when the smell of food completely threw me off. But, at the end of the 1st trimester, some time around KF's birthday, I came down with a fever that wouldn't go away even after 3 days. Dr Menon admitted me into hospital on suspected viral flu. I was put on drips (1st time in my life) and cried like a baby when the drip needle had to be inserted in me. But I recovered after 3 days in hospital (didn't bathe nor brush teeth during this time as the drip was on my right hand). Then spent an entire week recuperating at Mummy's house, during which I threw up repeatedly and finally went thru the real motions of being pregnant :P

The only food I could really take during 1st trimester was Balinese food at The Uma, Nando's chicken, chee cheong fun. I particularly hated Chinese food, but I loved nine-course dinners - small little bite-sized pieces of food that came course by course, those I could stomach.

Stretchmarks were showing on my boobs. I had to buy bra extenders. And could only live in big t-shirts and comfy shorts. 

2nd trimester
Then during about Week 16, I started to feel much better. No more throwing up, and I could eat meals like normal already. I was also less tired, and had lots of energy at work - which was good, because work was becoming quite hectic.

At Week 18, I was working on the laptop when I felt a little gas bubble inside my tummy. Quickly texted Nat who told me to lie quietly in bed to see if it happened again. So I lay in bed, and felt a little kick! I quickly called KF into the room and asked him to put his hand on my tummy, and the little one gave 2 hard kicks! We were ecstatic :)

We took leave to attend the 1Utama Jusco member's day sale. Bought loads of baby stuff that day, and were glad we could use the vouchers that we had been saving up. It was a satisfying haul :)

I loaned the Babyplus prenatal education system from a friend, because it promised that baby would learn to self-soothe more easily. Also, bought a book of children's stories, so that KF could read to baby. He reads and sings to baby a few nights a week. Baby kicks, stretches and wriggles to show that she can recognize the daddy's voice.

KF concentrated on renovating our new house, for which we received the keys just before CNY. We wanted the house ready before I delivered, so that there would be space when KF's mum came down to look after the baby. The house renovation was extremely stressful for KF as it was also a busy work period for him. But, he pulled through :)

My tummy looked a little small, so we saw Dr Menon who told us that the baby was lying horizontally. And the fibroid was growing. But he said not to worry. Baby was growing well.

Work was requiring me to fly often to JB. At the end of the 2nd trimester, I was in JB when I noticed some spotting. There was spotting the night before, but I thought I had just poo-ed too hard. When I was still spotting in JB, I got worried and immediately called the doctor. He said not to worry if the spots were dark brown, but told me to come into his clinic first thing the next morning (Saturday) for a check up.

KF was at work, so I had to go see doctor alone. He scanned and said he saw a blood clot and a trail of blood. Gave me a week's MC to rest at home, and got the nurse to jab me with something that apparently makes the blood clot disappear. Reassured me that baby was growing well and that I just needed to rest.

I decided to stop all work travel and cancelled my work trip to Penang. Spent the week's MC at Mummy's house again, catching up on TVB drama The Boxing Glove - Cheng Kar Wing sure is handsome, and the little one in the tummy was kickboxing all the way.    

3rd trimester
Tummy was growing. Had to buy new large auntie panties to remain comfortable. Continued working hard. Moved to Mummy's place for 2 weeks while KF moved house for us. When I finally moved into the new house, I was so happy. KF did a wonderful job with our new home, am sure our little one will love it here.

I'm more easily tired now. But, still loads of unpacking to do at the new home. And I have begun to slowly wash baby's clothes, some of which Nat has kindly loaned to us from Anne's wardrobe.

We attended a breastfeeding talk by a lactation counsellor, Gina. Also just got myself a Medela Freestyle (probably the most expensive item in the baby list) - am determined to breastfeed, as I want to ensure baby has as much protection as possible against my asthmatic lungs and the dad's weak tummy / sensitive skin. 

And right now, in Week 37, I am typing this so that I can still remember some details in the future when baby wants to hear the story of "Where did I come from?"

During my last visit to the doctor last Friday, he advised us to look into a 2-in-1 operation: Caesarean section and removal of the fibroid. Told us to select a date. I am worried, for so many reasons. But I am sure that it will all be fine in the end :) We're excitedly anticipating the day when baby joins us.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy 4th anniversary

After 7 years of knowing each other, 6 of which we dated, we moved in together as husband and wife. That was 4 years ago. And it has been a learning experience, another milestone in the graph of life. We learnt that one squeezes the toothpaste tube from the top, and the other gripes about it; one's messy, the other tries to be a neat freak; one's an early sleeper, the other loves late night movies; one loves to travel, the other does too :)

Romantic getaway at Pangkor Laut Resort in August

And so, we have been to many places together - from our very first one together in Manila (before the sparks flew) to the most recent European adventure in Munich last year. This year, it's been Bali, China, Seoul as well as Yangon and Danang by the time the year is over. We have had plenty happy travel moments, and I wish for many more :)
I took a leap of faith, eons ago. And am glad I kept the faith. Am looking forward to many more shared adventures - good, bad, ugly, beautiful, happy, sad, boring, exciting - everything. Because I can not imagine who else I'd rather share it all with. Happy anniversary my darling.

On our Seoul worktrip in October

"For you, a thousand times over." - The Kite Runner